Kenneth L. Lay(元エンロンCEO)が死んだら、Wikipediaの欠陥が露呈しちゃったんだそうである。

The surprise death of Kenneth L. Lay last week did more than throw a monkey wrench into the government’s plans to jail and fine the Enron Corp. founder. It further exposed the critical weakness of Wikipedia that prevents it from becoming the go-to source for Internet knowledge that it ought to be.
Death by Wikipedia: The Kenneth Lay Chronicles –

At 10:06 a.m., Wikipedia’s entry for Lay said he died “of an apparent suicide.”

At 10:08, it said he died at his Aspen, Colorado home “of an apparent [[heart attack] or suicide.].”

Within the same minute, it said the cause of death was “yet to be determined.”

At 10:09 a.m., it said “no further details have been officially released” about the death.

Two minutes later, it said: “The guilt of ruining so many lives finally [sic] led him to his suicide.”

At 10.12 a.m., this was replaced by: “According to Lay’s pastor the cause was a ‘massive coronary’ heart attack.”

By 10:39 a.m., Lay’s entry said: “Speculation as to the cause of the heart attack lead many people to believe it was due to the amount of stress put on him by the Enron trial.” This statement was later dropped.

By early Wednesday afternoon, the entry said Lay was pronounced dead at Aspen Valley Hospital, citing the Pitkin, Colorado sheriff’s department. It said he apparently died of a massive heart attack, citing KHOU-TV in Houston.

Lay’s Death Prompts Confusion On Wikipedia – XtraMSN