media mogul summer camp で売り込みに失敗したYouTubeがIPOを考えているそうだ。

Well, when YouTube’s Chad Hurley didn’t get a sweet enough offer from the heads of NBC, News Corp, and other guests at media mogul summer camp, he spun it by hinting that his company might go public.

Yep, YouTube, which is spending over $1 million a month on bandwidth alone, trying to ramp up from $0 to $1 million in monthly direct ad sales, and fighting a rising tide of competitors — YouTube, which isn’t pulling in a profit, says Chad — is thinking about an IPO.

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Market Watch に掲載された CEO Chad Hurley のインタビュー。

“Right now we’re just concentrating on proving the best user experience possible,” Hurley said. “We have no plans to sell.”

As for an initial public offering, Hurley said, “If we have an opportunity to go public in the future that would be very exciting for us.”

No doubt YouTube would have to follow the Google model of achieving profitability before it stages an IPO in the face of tough market conditions nowadays, but for now the company isn’t in the black, Hurley admits.

News sites reported that during the AlwaysOn Conference, Hurley said the company is experimenting with banner and text-based advertising as it generates revenue and builds out its sales team.

Wall Street Journal reporter Kara Swisher asked if YouTube was profitable, and Hurley replied, “Not right now,” according to a press report.

After inking a pact with NBC, Hurley said YouTube is now in discussions with TV networks, movie studios and record labels for more content.

YouTube CEO: IPO would be ‘exciting’ – Market Watch

  • 「身売りは考えていない。」
  • 「将来的に上場できるとすれば、結構なことだ。」
  • 昨今の市場に状況を鑑みれば、Googleのように上場前に収益を確保している必要があることは間違いないが、YouTubeは黒字化しておらず、それはHurley も認めている。
  • AlwaysOn Conferenceに関する他のニュース・ソースによれば、YouTubeはテキスト・ベースの広告収入とセールス部門の設置を検討している。
  • NBCとの契約後も、YouTubeは他のテレビ局や映画会社、レコード会社との折衝を継続している。