Type in any URL at WorkFriendly.net, and the site will appear in a new window, formatted to look like a Word document. The idea is that your “snoopy” boss will stroll by your cubicle, glance at your computer and think you’re working on a Word doc.

Our verdict: If you want to surf the web at work, do it the way nature intended — with a web browser. Because if your boss is dumb enough to fall for the Workfriendly ruse, he’s dumb enough to believe you when you say, “Oh, this isn’t a web browser I have open — it’s a spreadsheet program made to look like a web browser.
Stealthy Surfing at Work… Sorta – OfficePirates

OfficePiratesの結論 : あなたの上司がそんなものに誤魔化されるくらいバカであるなら、普通のWebページを表計算だと言っても大丈夫さ。」


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