Kevin Roseを特集したBusiness Weekには、もうひとつの表紙があったと言う。

The blog “Web 2.0” says it found the alternate cover to the current issue of BusinessWeek — a cover that’s less, you know, wildly speculative, but so much more boring. Looks real, because who would bother Photoshopping this?
Emergency evening post: Blogger publishes rejected BusinessWeek cover – valleywag

According to several sources this was ‘the other cover’ Which do you think will sell more? Me too :)
Wealth Punks: The other cover? – Web2.0


BusinessWeek has decided to go a step further, with a cover story on Digg, and the title “How This Kid Made $60 million in 18 Months” (referring to Digg founder Kevin Rose).

And if all this sounds just a little bit dot-com-ish, BusinessWeek is prepared with a response: “It’s not as dot-com deja vu as it sounds. YouTube, the enormously popular video site, posts similarly fledgling revenues, but some experts say it could easily fetch $500 million.” Actually, such relative thinking should give anyone a bad case of dot-com deja vu.

Forget Paper Millionaire, Digg Founder’s A Vapormillionaire – Techdirt


Shawn Fanning