The parade is to promote an Erotica Expo later this month. This is the first year they have sought approval, and it was granted because no laws will be broken. Several city council members are shocked since they weren’t notified before the parade received approval.
Topless porn star parade? Auckland says OK. – digg

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A lunchtime parade of topless porn stars down the main street of New Zealand’s biggest city has been given official approval, as no laws will be broken.

The parade later this month will feature up to 30 porn stars riding on the back of motorcycles or in open cars through Auckland’s CBD to promote an erotica exposition.
New Zealand OKs topless porn star parade – Yahoo News

Erotica Expoってなにwwww

Erotica – Lifestyles Expo promises you more of the best of the past expos, with plenty of new and enticing titbits to captivate and titillate you on your journey through erotica world.
Welcome to the Erotica Lifestyles Expo – New Zealand


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