• FireFox地上絵

    All “signs” point to Firefox – the fox tales via digg

    The Oregon State Linux Users Group is at it again! To celebrate 50 million downloads, they took back the sidewalk with an enormous painting on their campus quad. At 100 million, they took back the sky with a huge Firefox weather balloon. How do you beat that?

  • Microsoftの社員はヤク漬け!?
    Microsoft Secures Vista With LSD – eWeek.com via digg

    In 2003, the group of four Polish security researchers discovered the vulnerability that would later be used by others to unleash the Blaster worm, but because of distrust over Microsoft’s willingness to address software flaws at the time, members had to be coaxed into sharing their findings.

    The group, known as LSD, is now on Microsoft’s payroll working on what is being hailed as the “largest ever penetration test” of an operating system coming out of Redmond, Wash.


  • いいサービスだよ。

    Netvibes Hits 5 Million Users – Mashable!

    Netvibes, the popular ajax startpage, just announced a massive funding round of $15 million – what’s more, they now claim to have 5 million users. That’s a pretty clear sign that Netvibes is moving beyond the early adopter crowd, and now has mainstream appeal. This round was led by Accel Partners, and included Index Ventures.

  • 年金暮らしのおじぃちゃんがYouTubeのスターに。

    British pensioner becomes surprise YouTube star – Reuters via digg

    He has since posted another five videos on his YouTube page — http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=geriatric1927 — and has had about 79,000 viewings and 6,500 subscribers, putting him at the top of the most-subscribed list on YouTube in the past week.


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  • John Gotts とかいう起業家が wiki.comドメインを3百万ドルで買った話。

    MindTouch today announced it has partnered with Entrepreneur John Gotts to launch Wiki.com, the premier online destination for consumers to learn about, create and share wiki sites. MindTouch is the only vendor on the market to provide a full spectrum of wiki solutions including hosted, appliance-based and open source wikis.
    MindTouch Powers Wiki.com

    It worked for him with AdWare.com, which redirects to PCSafe.com, where Gotts sells adware removal software he claims has been wildly successful. There’s very little information available about PCSafe except for one damning report that Gotts insists is inaccurate.
    Wiki.com partners with MindTouch, says $3 mill domain is a deal


    With nearly ten million happy users of PCSafe it always amazes me that people continue to write about our software as being bad, and here is your chance to let them burn us again,
    That said, if you dig deeper you will find that the real reason behind this bogus report was that I owned adaware.com and that upset them greatly.
    Bummed at bad reporting, John Gotts
    Bubblicious – Wiki.com sells for almost $3 million

  • ちゃんと満足させてやってないだけじゃねーの?
    Security ‘bad news for sex drive’ – BBC NEWS via digg

    But women, he said, have evolved to have a high sex drive when they are initially in a relationship in order to form a “pair bond” with their partner.

  • 嘘つき写真

    Pictures that lie – C|Net via digg

  • 不思議な警告

    Pop-up Potpourri: Announced By God – The Daily WTF via reddit