A little known secret is that the center of most power in Silicon Valley sits with the Silicon Valley Moms Club. These are CEOs, CFOs, wives of the same, etc. They have a lot of power and influence And they don’t like to be told no, ever.
Silicon Valley Moms are Pissed at Me – CrunchNotes

CFOは必ずしもChief Financial Officerではなくて….

Silicon Valley Moms Blog is a collaborative group of moms writing about their lives in Silicon Valley, Calif., where moms are CEOs at work and CFOs (Chief Family Officer) at home, houses are expensive, rain past April is a crisis, two-year-olds love sushi, six-year-olds have web businesses, and moms are too busy chauffeuring their kids in their minivans (which they really wish were Priuses) to raise a sword in the mommywars.
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All I can say is, I apologize. At the end of the day, who cares if Mini Om has a vendetta against me. It’s the mom’s I’m really scared of.
Silicon Valley Moms are Pissed at Me – CrunchNotes