Welcome to Google Image Labeler, a new feature of Google ImageSearch that allows you to label random images to help improve thequality of Google’s image search results.

Google Image Labeler


I tried the game. It’s fun, in a why-am-I-doing-this kind of way. Ifocused on labeling everything I saw as “purple” and “Donald Trump”.

Google Image Labeler Uses Human Labor - TechCrunch


Google Blogoscoped spotted the Google Image Labeler game, designed to help Google improve its image search results through tagging. It feels like a catch-up game with human-powered efforts that Yahoo is embracing via Flickr

Google Images Labeler: Google’s Challenge To Flickr? – SearchEngineWatch

Michael Arringtonがすぐに喝破した通り、ユーザーを利用しているだけ。まぁいいけどね。でも、どうせなら賞品くれればいいのにw

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