Opera is a terrificWeb browser and they continue to develop it to be very feature rich. Idon’t use Opera as my primary browser because of the lack ofcompatibility with many Google services, but I do use it from time totime. The best thing about it is that I never have a memory leak!

Opera 9 Leads The Way With New AJAX Technology – CyberNet Technology News

Operaはいいブラウザだ。軽くてメモリー・リークもない。Firefoxユーザーはextensionを捨てられないであろうが、Operaにも面白いWidgetは沢山ある。惜しむらくはAjaxに弱いようで、Drag & Dropがうまく作動しない。これさえなければ直ぐにでも移行するのだが。


From the blog post: With the traditional AJAX implementation, the
browser continually polls the server, sending requests to the server,
asking to get data back, making new HTTP requests for every single
poll, putting more strain on the server than needed.

In Opera 9 you can instead open a persistent connection to the server, sending data to the client when new information is available, eliminating the need for continuous polling.

“This method for doing remoting offers a tremendous advantage,
since the server no longer has to handle the overhead associated with
clients asking for new data. Instead, the server simply sends back
data [to]  every connected client when appropriate, thus
reducing the load on the server, with the added advantage of offering
instant feedback to the user.”

The new feature is called Server-Sent Events (SSE); it follows the WHATWG Web Applications 1.0 specification.

Opera takes the lead with AJAX support among browsers: More efficient streaming – Opera Watch via CyberNet Technology News

技術的なことは分からないのだがw要するにサーバー側の負担を軽くするものであるらしい。でもって、なんでDrag & Dropがダメなのか分からない! Client sideだから? 早くなんとかしてほしい!! 良いブラウザなんだから!!

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