Opera 9.02 RC2が利用可能となっているらしい。

It has been slightly over a month since Opera 9.01 was released but they are nearing another updated build. Just today they made Opera 9.02 RC2 available to the public for testing purposes. Here is the current list of changes that they have announced:

* Fixed crash on live.com
* Dialog again appears when subscribing to feeds
* More fixes to falsely greyed out properties on bookmarks
* More fixes to Gmails spellcheck
* Yahoo mail beta should now work better
* Fix for flash videos not always working on YouTube and elsewhere
* Added support for selectNodes and selectSingleNode
* Updated OpenSSL due to http://secunia.com/advisories/21982/
* Fix for bug where reload Fails to Revalidate Inline Content

Opera 9.02 Nearing Release – CyberNet Technology News

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