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A bunch of griefers in Second Life staged a members-only metaverse assault on “virtual real estate tycoon” Anshe Chung yesterday, during a staged SL event with CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman.
Second Life griefers assault real estate millionaire Anshe Chung – Boing Boing

Second Lifeの大金持ちがCNETのインタビュ-を受けている最中に「暴漢」に教われたらしい。と言ってもリアルの話ではなくゲ-ム内での事件。MMORPGであればPKに該当する話だが、Second Lifeではキャラを殺す機能はないのでペニスのオブジェや彼女がペニスを抱えている合成画像を会場にまき散らしたりした悪質な嫌がらせである。暴漢のことはPKerではなく「Griefer」と呼ぶらしい。


Room 101 vs. Anshe Chung – YouTube

Last month, Anshe announced that she had accumulated virtual assets worth more than $US1 million in real money, making her – by her own claim – the first virtual world millionaire.
“She is very popular, and some people don’t like her,” said CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman, whose Second Life avatar (online persona), GreeterDan Godel, was interviewing Anshe at the time of the attack.
Second Life miscreants stage members-only attack –

被害者のAnshe ChungはSecond Lifeの中で不動産業を営む有名な資産家で、そのせいか嫉妬を買ったらしい。

Suddenly, Linden Lab more than doubled the release rate of land. Overnight, the land prices dropped drastically, to less than half that of before. Most of my competitors made the big mistake of not wanting to sell land at a loss. So they sat on land they owned and did not sell it.

At the same time, they had no money to buy new, cheaper land. I swallowed the bitter pill and followed (my husband’s) advice to start selling land at a loss, but at the same time, I aggressively bought cheap land as it flooded into the market. This was a very big challenge because it entailed a very real risk of bankruptcy if it didn’t work.

Virtual magnate shares secrets of success – C|Net



In a way similar to Milgram’s earlier work, participants were immersed in a virtual environment and given a series of word association memory tests to a virtual female human. They were told to give her an “electric shock” when she gave an incorrect answer.
Virtual world may revive outlawed experiments – C|Net News

現実ではとても行えないような物騒な実験をUniversity College Londonが行ったらしいのだが。

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