Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is set to launch a search engine early next year in partnership with Amazon – it’s intended to be a rival to Google and Yahoo. The Wikiasari project may launch as early as Q1 of 2007, using the same user-generated system as Wikipedia. It will be a for-profit project launched by Jimmy’s company Wikia. “Wiki” as Wales has told just about every interviewer for the past 5 years, means “quick” in Hawaiian – “asari”, meanwhile, means “rummaging search” in Japanese.
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Like many people, my first impression of Jimbo’s new idea was that it has a really dumb name: Wikiasari, a Hawaiian-Japanese hybrid that is likely to irritate people from many different cultures. And my second impression was that Jimmy has a bit of a mountain to climb with his “social search” proposal. As Pete Cashmore at Mashable notes, this kind of thing has been tried before, and more or less, well… failed.
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A source tells us that the working name for the project was “WikiSearch” until recently. It’s clear that Wikiasari will be focused on quality first, depth second. Search results will include tag based navigation, the top three results will be wikipedia content, and the remaining results are determined by sites wikipedia considers to be “reputable” because they are external reference links from wikipedia pages.
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“Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and useless crap. Try searching for the term ‘Tampa hotels’, for example, and you will not get any useful results,” he said.
Spammers and commercial ventures are also learning how to manipulate Google’s computer-based search, he added.
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