One of the Wired predictions for 2007 caught my eye: “Digg Becomes the New Friendster…Digg holds out for a big payday but ends up like Friendster (i.e., no friends).” It caught my eye because Wired owns Digg competitor Reddit. Now that they are in the startup game, they need to be aware of those pesky conflicts of interest.

Is It Right For Wired To Predict The Fall Of Digg? – CrunchNotes


それでは、Wiredによるpredictions for 2007はどんなものなのか。

  • Google Stock Hits $1,000 per Share
  • Internet Traffic Doubles …
  • BitTorrent on TiVo
  • Spam Doubles
  • Second Life Ends a Life
  • Year o’ the Laptop
  • Print to Web
  • Semel Says ‘Sayonara’
  • Apple Goes Apple
  • HD-DVD Wins
  • Implantable Contact Lenses
  • Digg Becomes the New Friendster
  • No More Dads
  • PaedoSpace
  • Life on Mars
  • Greenland Becomes Green
  • Raelians Need Not Apply
  • First AT&T, Then Google
  • Google Goes G-Man
  • Don’t Don’t Be Evil
  • DNA Database for Athletes
  • Online Sitcom Picked Up by Network
  • They’re Watching You
  • NYT Goes Free
  • MySpace Spaces Out

Wild Predictions for a Wired 2007 – Wired

「Googleの株価が1,000ドルになる」とか「Second Lifeが終わってしまう」とか「グリーンランドの氷が全部溶けてしまう」とか、大胆と言うよりは悪乗り気味と言ったほうがよく、タイトルの始めに「Wild」と書いてある通り、どうみてもこれはjokeの類とみて良いだろう。