From a slightly better source than usual, this time: the Google co-founder got engaged over the holidays. Anyone else hearing the news? Here are few things to know about Brin’s girlfriend, Anne Wojcicki. Google was started in the Wojcicki family garage. Anne’s sister, Susan, one of the first employees at the company, is product manager for AdSense, which means that bloggers dependent on Google’s ad network should be very polite about the Wojcickis. And — sorry to disappoint our bitchier readers — Anne Wojcicki is said to be nice and smart; and Brin, as yet, the antithesis of the modelizing tech billionaire. No word where Brin popped the question.

RUMORMONGER: Sergey Brin got engaged? – Valleywag

Sergey Brinが婚約したそうだ。だから何だと言われればそれまでだが。

SourceはValleywagなので、そこのところはお含み置きを。「From a slightly better source than usual」なんて書いてあるしw