Dating younger girls is big in Japan, but there is also a market for older women, called “jukujyo.” (Kinda like a cougar or a MILF over here in the US.) This packet of instant microwaveable rice is metaphorically compared to the older, desirable woman. The letters on the cover say: “Ripe and ready to eat, 100% adult rice.” The little symbol at the top center says “No one under 18 allowed.”

X-Rated Adult Lover Rice – TOKYOMANGO

こんなものがあったとは知らなかったwww 古米だから熟女ライスってのは何気に失礼な気もするがww



今が食べ頃・・・ 『熟女ライス』販売中@ラムタラメディアワールドアキバさん – AkibaInfo