The basic format for embedding images into a web page using the tag has been around almost as long at HTML itself, since the first graphical web browser. It works, and it is used constantly. But can it be better?

Advertising network AdBrite, which is always looking for new ways to think about things, says it can. This morning, AdBrite launches BritePic to help people add a lot of new functionality around embedded images. Just by changing the embed code, web publishers can add a caption, watermark, zoom, share, resize and other features. And an advertisement, if they choose to.

Redefining The IMG Tag – TechCrunch

Michael Arringtonの記事が、主にその使い勝手について書かれているのに対して、ValleywagはBusinessの面から(珍しく)賞賛している。

adbrites new image standardadbrites new image standard

But why is Valleywag, usually so cynical, excited about Adbrite’s new offering?

Embedded ads may allow photographers to make money out of their work. At the moment, the economic value of most photographs on the web is too low for commissioning to be viable. The result: most images are reproduced, if the creator is lucky, with credit and a link back to the original source. The gratification is psychological rather than financial. It’s a karma economy, which is unsustainable. Amateur and freelance photographers need the possibility of financial reward, if they’re not to feel exploited, and undermine, by legal action, web publishing. These blogs would look very gray if they relied only on licensed photos from the traditional libraries.

adbrites new image standard – Valleywag