RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix

BBspot has obtained secret documents which RIAA lawyers use to determine whether to file a lawsuit against a copyright violator. These documents give insight into the RIAA’s decision-making process, and could help people avoid lawsuits in the future. We offer these documents as a public service.

RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix – BBspot via Boing Boing

笑ったのは、Strong Evidence? No -> Sue, but use the dumb lawyers <- Is defendant elderly, disabled, or poor? Yes ってところw 証拠があやふやでも、とにかく訴えるんだw でもそれなら尚更やり手の弁護士を使ったほうが勝てる確率が上がるんじゃないの? また年寄りや身障者や貧乏人相手のときも、優秀な弁護士の方が「取り扱い」が上手いんじゃないかと思うんだがw