My friend’s 17 year old sister is graduating high school this June and can’t even tell me about world war one.

Idiot tries to describe world war one – YouTube via dig

いやあ~~~www笑った笑ったwwww アメリカのゆとり教育の破壊力をまざまざと見せ付けられましたwww こういう企画はTVでもよくあるけど、UGCでも十分できるって証拠。かぶせた音楽が悲惨さを強調していてまた爆笑w なんだっけ、platoonで使われて有名になったアレ。

His intensely lyrical Adagio for Strings became his most famous composition and can be heard in films such as Platoon, The Elephant Man, El Norte, and Lorenzo’s Oil.

Samuel Barber – Wikipedia