From the Reichenbaugh Library’s collection of rare balloon movies.

Famous Balloon Movies – Chapter 7 – YouTube via Neatorama

これは面白いww まるで最初からそこにあったかのように自然に映画に取り入れられている。

Those balloons are seamlessly introduced into the movie. Here’s a full list of chapters as links to Youtube videos:
Chapter 1: Baloon Last
Chapter 2: Casabaloona
Chapter 3: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’s Baloon
Chapter 4: Baloon Travels North by Northwest
Chapter 5: Baloon Strikes Back
Chapter 6: Casabaloona (the come)
Chapter 7: Baloonikita
Chapter 8: Floatting in the Rain
Chapter 9: The Baloon of Oz
Chapter 10: The French Baloon Connection

Famous Balloon Movies – Neatorama