Supermarket 2.0 – via Scobleizer


The timewasters I see on Twitter that I must share with you. Here’s the latest: Web 2.0 Grocery. Waste everyone’s time! That’s my goal. But it is funny.

Timewasting video of the day: Supermarket 2.0 – Scobleizer

Supermarket 2.0 is a hilarious Israeli video about a Web 2.0-compliant supermarket. It’s five minutes of kick-ass geek-humor injokes — eggs with RSS feeds, Golden apples, and everything’s free, cuz it’s the Internet! This is damned funny stuff.

Supermarket 2.0 – video about a user-created supermarket – Boing Boing

This Supermarket 2.0 parody video is really cute. It creatively applies Web 2.0 terms and concepts to the food shopping experience. The Pandora-style shopping experience mid-way through is especially excellent.

Supermarket 2.0 Video – O’reilly Radar