The Kansas Board of Education has approved a ban on all Pokémon trading cards, video games, and anything related that has the name Pokémon on it because of the belief that it promotes kids to believing in evolution.

Kansas Board of Education Bans Pokémon – GameWad via digg

おお!? これはカンザスの教育委員会がカソリックの連中に牛耳られているって事?? 狂信者はおもちゃまで目の敵かよwwwwwww

My parents raised me to be Christian. They made damn sure I went to church and prayed before bed. When I went to school, I would join the bible study groups. That is, until pokemon came into my life. Now I am an atheist and I’m gay. Thanks, pokemon :(

Kansas Board of Education Bans Pokemon – digg