20th Century Fox has announced that it will be filming a sequel to 1987 cult classic Wall Street.

Wall Street 2.0 – TechCrunch


It’s sad they didn’t make the sequel in the late 90s. Gordon Gekko would have made a killing in Web 1.0 stocks. Fast forward a decade and the age of the IPO and inflated share price has passed, replaced in favor of the corporate buyout.

Wall Street 2.0 – TechCrunch

この時代で映画を作るならMary Meekerを主役にして、えー加減なビジネス・モデルで浮かれていた企業を片っ端から笑いものにするのがいいだろ。オチは勿論集団訴訟。題名は勿論Dot.conから採って「Queen Of The Net」で決まりだなwww

Reports state that in the movie, Gekko, having been released from jail, is now working in the hedge fund business.

Wall Street 2.0 – TechCrunch

はぁ~……。まぁそんなところくらいかね、彼を持って行く場所は。詰まらなそうな映画だなぁ。つーか、Budはどうなってんのよ、Budは? Gekkoが出所するくらいならとっくに娑婆に出てる筈だろ。

Pressman declined to give details on the plot, other than to say Gekko was now working on a global scale in the hedge-fund era.

The original Wall Street director Oliver Stone would not be making the sequel, Pressman said, while character Bud Fox would also likely not appear in the new film.

Gordon Gekko back in sequel – News.com.au

「working in the hedge fund business」と「working on a global scale in the hedge-fund era」では、微妙に違うような。Oliver Stoneは監督しないのか。しないだろうなw Budも出てこないと。仕方ないから代わりにホリエモンでも出せやw つーか、日本人はリアルでこの映画を見ていたようなものか。「Greed is good」は「金でついてこない女はいないですよ」に相当する……いや大分安っぽいな、こりゃwww

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