Ron Paul explains the damage that an interventionist policy can have when it comes to violent blowback. Giuliani throws a fit.

Terrorism: Ron Paul vs. Giuliani @ SC Debate – YouTube via digg

Ron Paulは共和党候補者の中では唯一のイラク侵攻反対派だそうだ。しかもBushのお膝元であるTexasの議員らしい。
“We need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if somebody else did it to us.”
“My argument is that we shouldn’t go to war so carelessly. When we do, the wars don’t end. ”

“The crowd cheered for Guliani because he spoke succinctly and with familiarity.”
“The crowd cheered for Guliani because it’s a Fox News sponsored debate with a neoconservative friendly audience there to watch other neoconservatives debate.”

Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on 9/11 – digg