The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief is an award winning 2006 documentary about the hidden world of Japanese nightlife in Osaka’s Cafe Rakkyo. And now it’s available on Google Video!

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「大阪恋泥棒」でググっても日本語のサイトは殆ど見当たらないことから、未公開なのであろうか。こちらの方によると、「Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You(あなたの家の近くでは上映してない優秀作品賞)」というものにノミネートされていたのだそうである。

A host must charm his female clients with a charismatic personality (even to fake one) in order to have these clients spend as much as $500 a bottle of champagne for the host. A host must constantly analyze his clients’ mind in order to keep these girls’ dream alive so they will continue to spend tens of thousands dollars at the club each month.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (大阪恋泥棒) – YNOT at the Movies

ホストクラブを取材したドキュメンタリーであるらしく、日本人であれば利用したことがなくとも何となく常識として聞き及んでいる範囲の内容に留まっている模様で、それが未公開の理由かもしれない(Googleのvideoはcurrently not availableと表示されてしまい未だ見てない)。が、このようなものは外国人にはとても珍しかったようで、それは監督のコメントを読んでも良く分る。

The lives of the hosts and their customers at first seemed to be extreme and unfathomably foreign from a western perspective. Although many people in Japan see hosts as despicable I see hosts involved in something that is close to all of our hearts, which is the struggle between making a buck and doing the right thing. There is real fascination in looking at this strange form of emotional pseudo prostitution that caters to some women’s desires so successfully that they will got to almost any lengths, and pay thousands of dollars to consume it.

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A majority of the girls who buy the host service at these host clubs are in the adult industry themselves. These girls sell their bodies to make money then they spend the money on these hosts in order to satisfy the urge for love and to overcome their loneliness. The cycle never ends.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (大阪恋泥棒) – YNOT at the Movies