Boy vs Hogzilla 2 – Alabama, 11 year old boy used a pistol to kill the gigantic wild hog as shown in the above photo. Since the news came from Associated Press Writer Kate Brumback, it should be pretty authentic except that the photo taken above was exaggerated. The boy is not resting his arms on the hog as depicted but instead kneels at a further distance away making the hog much bigger than it seems. However it still is one big animal. The huge animal was shot eight times with a .50 caliber revolver and chased for three hours through hilly woods before it was finished off with a point-blank shot.

Eleven Year Old Boy Kills Gigantic Wild Hog – Hemmy.Net

ジムシーかお前はw ちゃんと人様の豚かどうか確認したか?
あ、その前にその大きさに驚かなきゃいかなかったかw ちょいと嘘くさいと書いてあるがw