Google has released a browser plug-in called Gears, which enables people to use web apps while offline. The technology behind the plug-in gives developers the ability to implement offline functionality into their browser-based web apps. Gears is an open source collaboration between Google, Adobe, Mozilla, and Opera.

Google Gears in Context – Browser Gets a Boost From Google – Read/Write Web

「We’ve written many times before about the need for offline web app access」とか「This is all about making the browser a stronger platform」とか、どこまでWeb2.0に毒されてんだよ。ネットにアクセスしないbrowserなんかbrowserじゃねーだろ。視野狭窄に陥ってるとしか思えん。なんでもかんでもweb appsにしたって重くなるだけじゃねえか。あー、おいらももう爺か…。