Little D Hatching Out of the Egg 土曜日, 6月 2 2007 

Little D Hatching Out of the Egg from Class 1-208 on Vimeo


The Sun in Motion. 土曜日, 6月 2 2007 

The Sun in Motion is a collection of extreme closeup videos of the sun. The iMax-formatted videos are bigger than your screen!

The Sun in Motion. – Neatorama


Adam and Eve in L’animateur 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

French animator Nick Hilligoss tells the story of Adam and Eve in L’animateur. With a twist.

L’animateur. – Neatorama

Typolution 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

A neat bit of minimalistic typographic motion graphics. Music is “Nostrand” by Ratatat, video created by Olivier Beaudoin.

Typolution – Videosift
via Neatorama

ARE WE THAT DIFFERENT? 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

This video, made with with music by DJ Spooky, helped launch our campaign against the so-called Clash of Civilizations–starting with a call for real Middle East peace talks now.

Stop the Clash of Civilizations – YouTube via Neatorama

Toooo much stylish !

Seadragon 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the Web, Photosynth creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation. Its architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, shows it off in this standing-ovation demo.

Talks Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Photosynth demo via Videosift

Seadragon is an incubation project resulting from the acquisition of Seadragon Software in February. Its aim is nothing less than to change the way we use screens, from wall-sized displays to mobile devices, so that visual information can be smoothly browsed regardless of the amount of data involved or the bandwidth of the network.

The Seadragon team is currently tuning its DirectX implementation, making the most of the new Windows Media Photo format, and cranking on the Photosynth Technology Preview.
Seadragon – Microsoft Live Labs

SpeakersのコーナーにJohn Doerrの演説もあった。

Speakers –

Cool Street Show in japan 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

Cool Street Show in japan – Videosift

I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls” by Andy Partridge 木曜日, 5月 31 2007 

Music Video for the Theme Song to the short-lived TV show ‘Wonderfalls’. It was one of those shows that was just too good for television. The theme song will get stuck in your head fairly easily.

“I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls” by Andy Partridge – Videosift

Terrace Field 木曜日, 5月 31 2007 

This may look like a paint-by-number kit, but it’s a photograph. Jialiang Gao shot this picture of a terraced planting area in Yunnan province, China.

Terrace Field. – Neatorama

Trick Of A Dozen Nails 木曜日, 5月 31 2007 

Trick Of A Dozen Nails – YouTube via Neatorama

Star Wars [The Japanese Song] 水曜日, 5月 30 2007 

A video that reveals the 1978 Japanese song that put lyrics to the Star Wars theme:

Star Wars [The Japanese Song] – Japan Prove


Drawn With Lines 水曜日, 5月 30 2007 

Awesome movie of a drawn character who questions his existence on paper. Cool music too.

Drawn With Lines – Videosift

Best Mario Cake Ever 水曜日, 5月 30 2007 

Created by university student, Su Yin, this has got to be the best Mario cake ever. This was made for her friend Amanda’s housemate who was an avid fan of console games. It all started when he said to Amanda that ‘Su Yin could do better than that’ after someone posted a Super Mario wedding cake on the forums and so this is the final masterpiece from Su Yin for his birthday cake.

Best Mario Cake Ever –

Cards from Air – Magic Trick 火曜日, 5月 29 2007 

Magic Tutorial – How To Make Many Cards Appear In Your Hand! – video powered by Metacafe via
Cards from Air – Magic Trick – Things you don’t see everyday
via Neatorama


Chalkboard and Eraser Cell Phone Strap 火曜日, 5月 29 2007 

This is a super cute idea. To have a chalkboard, a piece of chalk, and a traditional Japanese chalkboard eraser (made of wood) all on your cell phone strap. You can write yourself reminder notes or doodle on it while you’re on the train.

Chalkboard and Eraser Cell Phone Strap – Tokyomango


Full Of Lovely Things 火曜日, 5月 29 2007 

A great and innovative TV advert for the Skoda Fabia where the 60 seconds commercial was reported to have cost up to £500,000 to make! The car is so good and full of lovely stuffs that you would want to eat it. Background song of the commercial is ‘My Favourite Things’ by Julie Andrews.

New Skoda Fabia TV Ad – Full Of Lovely Things – Hemmy.Net

Baby Dancing to Rave Music 月曜日, 5月 28 2007 

Baby Dancing to Rave Music – See? Everybody loves trance! – Videosift


hang drum 日曜日, 5月 27 2007 

YouTube user mutlunatic playing the hang, or hang drum. From Wikipedia:

A hang (pronounced ‘hung’ or ‘hong’) is a melodious percussive musical instrument, similar to a steel drum. It uses many of the same physical principles to operate. However, since it is struck with the fingers, the sound is generally much softer than a steel drum, and can be played in many ways to produce a large variety of sounds.

Well Hang – YouTube via Neatorama

Hako Robo 水曜日, 5月 23 2007 

These are Hako Robo (Robots-in-a-cube) by toymaker Sega Toys. Not only are they cute desktop accessories, but they simulate real-life family relationships by moving in relation to each other, depending on who favors who, who protects who, etc. Did your mom bully you while your dad ran away? Did you always tag along with grandpa because he was a guiding source in your life? Watch how these robot families interact: As soon as you take them out of your case, they start running towards each other, away from each other, or a few steps behind. And like any family, they get stressed out and exhausted if they spend too much time together, so you have to put them back into their boxes before they pass out.

Robot-In-A-Cube Relationship Sim Toy – TokyoMango


Ron Paul vs. Giuliani 火曜日, 5月 22 2007 

Ron Paul explains the damage that an interventionist policy can have when it comes to violent blowback. Giuliani throws a fit.

Terrorism: Ron Paul vs. Giuliani @ SC Debate – YouTube via digg

Ron Paulは共和党候補者の中では唯一のイラク侵攻反対派だそうだ。しかもBushのお膝元であるTexasの議員らしい。
“We need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if somebody else did it to us.”
“My argument is that we shouldn’t go to war so carelessly. When we do, the wars don’t end. ”

“The crowd cheered for Guliani because he spoke succinctly and with familiarity.”
“The crowd cheered for Guliani because it’s a Fox News sponsored debate with a neoconservative friendly audience there to watch other neoconservatives debate.”

Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on 9/11 – digg

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