Typolution 金曜日, 6月 1 2007 

A neat bit of minimalistic typographic motion graphics. Music is “Nostrand” by Ratatat, video created by Olivier Beaudoin.

Typolution – Videosift
via Neatorama


Take on Me by A-Ha spoofed by Family Guy 火曜日, 5月 29 2007 

Take on Me by A-Ha spoofed by Family Guy – Videosift


Dirty Jobs 火曜日, 5月 29 2007 

Dirty Jobs – The Song – Videosift


Baby Dancing to Rave Music 月曜日, 5月 28 2007 

Baby Dancing to Rave Music – See? Everybody loves trance! – Videosift


Ruben’s tube 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Ruben’s tube experiment – visualizing music with fire – Videosift

Gravity Wave 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

This is a time-lapse of a gravity wave taken by the Tama, Iowa KCCI-TV webcam on 6 May 2007. Gravity waves form when buoyancy pushes air up, and gravity pulls it back down. Very cool stuff!

Gravity Wave – Videosift

In physics, a gravitational wave is a fluctuation in the curvature of spacetime which propagates as a wave, traveling outward from a moving object or system of objects.

Gravity Wave – Wikipedia

Imogen Heap 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Awesome performance by the very talented Imogen Heap. Taken from the album, Speak for Yourself.

The incredible Imogen Heap – Videosift

Imogen Heap (born December 9, 1977) is a Grammy-nominated English singer-songwriter from Essex, most famous for her work as part of Frou Frou and for her 2005 solo record Speak for Yourself.

Imogen Heap – Wikipedia

Electric Fence Test 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

A couple of friends/idiots test out an electric fence.

Electric Fence Test – Videosift


Worst Movies Ever 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

One guy’s take on the worst movies ever, including 6 categories: Worst Death, Worst Stunt, Worst Reaction, Worst Acting, Most Random Line and Worst CGI. This is some bad crap!

Worst Movies Ever – VideoSift


Microsoft oFone 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Microsoft’s crazy design for a new mobile phone, one that is sure to knock Apple’s iPhone out of the water.

Microsoft oFone – Videosift

Oh ! wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh Dude ! 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Video of war crimes committed by the Bush Regime in Iraq. Not for the feint of heart.

Mission ( Fallujah) Accomplished – Videosift


A poll published Tuesday shows that close to 40% of Americans favor the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, according to an article at Townhall.com.

Poll shows 39% of Americans support impeachment via digg

Crazy Locomotive 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Never saw a train like this before.

Crazy Locomotive Snow Plow Gets Stuck – Videosift


Groundhog Day 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Groundhog Day is a 1993 comedy film directed by Harold Ramis, starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. It was written by Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis and based on a story by Rubin. In the film, Murray…

Groundhog Day – Trailer – VideoSift


Porn Of The Net 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

the ‘hard’ facts

Porn – Videosift

F**k Off 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

Next time you tell that homeless man begging for change to go fuck himself, remember that you’re honoring history.

The History of the F Word – Pretty F**cking Funny – VideoSift

Return to The moon 木曜日, 5月 10 2007 

NASA released this CGI trailer to promote awareness of their Constellation program, designed to carry humans to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Return to The moon – Neatorama


This is a follow up to my Apollo 13 movie lift off post. This is footage from the actual Apollo 13 lift off with some info on the launch. Wikipedia Info: Apollo 13 was the third manned lunar-landing…

Apollo 13 Lift Off – videosift

I don’t Recall. 木曜日, 4月 26 2007 

Gonzales’s Total Lack of Recall – VideoSift


Lettermans-Top-Ten-George-W-Bush-Moments 木曜日, 4月 26 2007 

Letterman’s Top Ten George W. Bush Moments – VideoSift

つーか、Michael Mooreらが散々問題にした「不正投票」に対してGoreが徹底的に戦っとけば、Iraqのごたごたなんか起きなかったろうに!

Ted Stevens revealed as Senate’s Secret Holder 木曜日, 4月 5 2007 


CNN reports how Ted Stevens was revealed as the Senate’s Secret Holder.

CNN Report on Ted Stevens revealed as Senate’s Secret Holder – VideoSift

Secret hold

The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 was introduced by Democratic Senator Barack Obama and Republican Senator Tom Coburn with an intention to create a public website with an easily searchable database of the name and amount of every federal grant, contract or award of $25,000 or more. The alternative approaches for obtaining this information are generally considered to be too complex for the general public.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee unanimously passed the measure on July 27, 2006 and it was on its way to full Senate passage when an unknown Senator placed a “secret hold” on the bill. According to Senate rules, the bill will never come to a vote as long as the hold continues. Holds are an unofficial part of Senate parliamentary tradition that allow a single senator to block a measure anonymously.

In August 2006, a bipartisan group of bloggers initiated a campaign to identify the Senator who placed the secret hold. Eventually, a previous story on Coburn was found where he identified Stevens as “the only senator blocking it”[2]. On August 30, a spokesman for the Senator confirmed that he was the man behind the secret hold on the Coburn/Obama bill.[3]

Criticism of Ted Stevens – Wikipedia


Killer Condom 木曜日, 4月 5 2007 

これはいったい何!? wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

NEW YORK. A living, squirming, and worst of all, biting condom, grips the city in prophylactic panic. Especially hard hit is gay detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel, star of FAR AWAY SO CLOSE and KASPER HAUSER). As chomped corpses pile up, no one believes his carnivorous contraception theory. Then, when Mackeroni loses a testicle to the latex menace, his pursuit becomes personal. He blows the lid off a cult of supervillains bent on eliminating New York’s sexual deviants. Their weapon: the KILLER CONDOM. Based on Ralph Konig’s celebrated comic book, KILLER CONDOM is an over-the-top internationally acclaimed German import from producer Ralph Dietrich’s Ascot Elite Entertainment (EVITA, DEAD MAN WALKING, NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS). Audiences at the Berlin Film Festival cheered the movie’s kinky, kinetic blend of crime drama, sci-fi, horrific special effects and outrageous humor. ALIEN and SPECIES designer H.R. Geiger, KILLER CONDOM’s creative consultant, renders an incredible universe for director Martin Walz’ exposive action sequences.

Killer Condom – A Troma Team Release – VideoSift

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