It’s a monster rally all around the valley. 水曜日, 12月 5 2007 


Things are moving pretty fast, so we can’t remember which stage we’re in. Surely we’ve moved beyond “It’s A Bubble”, but have we also passed “It’s A Bubble Backlash” and gone into “No, It’s Really A Bubble”? Regardless, we enjoyed this video, even though we didn’t seem to make the blogroll.

Billy Joel, Bubbletalk: Morning Coffeebreak – Silicon Alley Insider


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かなり皮肉っぽい感じではありますが、今ウェブで起きていることをさくっとまとめた映像がありました。軽快な音楽のわりにメッセージは強烈ですよw。よくできています。 ここに映っているものが全部分かればかなりのウェブ通ではないでしょうか。

ウェブ時代を2分45秒で把握できる『Here Comes Another Bubble』 – IDEA*IDEA

はあ? これ見たって「ウェブ時代を」「把握でき」たりしないよ。自分で「ここに映っているものが全部分かればかなりのウェブ通」と言ってるじゃないか。「ここに映っているもの」は予め知っていないと楽しめないものばかりだし、単に見ただけで知らない人が「把握できる」ようには作られていない。釣れるタイトルを付けたいが為に嘘つくなよ。ホント腐ってるな。


“eBay exit” 火曜日, 5月 22 2007 

“What do Beanie Babies, Pez Dispensers and troubled Internet companies have in common? They’re all for sale on eBay.”

eBay has become known as a quick and easy way to sell your startup, should you need to. Techcrunch has a nice phrase for this – the “eBay exit”. USAToday notes that “more than 10 dot-coms” have recently put themselves up for auction on eBay.

eBay Startup Sales – Going, going, gone…to the geek in the back! – Read/Write Web

KikoがEbayで身売りしたのは半年くらい前だったか? 以来、幾つかのstartupsの株主が同様の手法で資金回収を図っていたことは小耳にはさんでいたが、既に10社以上にもなっていたとは知らなかった。日本ではVBがヤフオクに出品されるような事態はまだまだ想像出来ない。良くも悪くもアメリカの流動性の高さに改めて驚くほかない。尤も、以下のような事例もあった模様。

Indeed USAToday also recounts the tale of CrispAds auction, which unsuccessfully tried to sell on eBay. It had a minimum price of $90,000, but ended up without any bids. According to USAToday, months later the company sold via a broker for “a few hundred thousand dollars”.

eBay Startup Sales – Going, going, gone…to the geek in the back! – Read/Write Web

This Store is surely Web 2.0 ! 火曜日, 4月 3 2007 

Supermarket 2.0 – via Scobleizer


The timewasters I see on Twitter that I must share with you. Here’s the latest: Web 2.0 Grocery. Waste everyone’s time! That’s my goal. But it is funny.

Timewasting video of the day: Supermarket 2.0 – Scobleizer

Supermarket 2.0 is a hilarious Israeli video about a Web 2.0-compliant supermarket. It’s five minutes of kick-ass geek-humor injokes — eggs with RSS feeds, Golden apples, and everything’s free, cuz it’s the Internet! This is damned funny stuff.

Supermarket 2.0 – video about a user-created supermarket – Boing Boing

This Supermarket 2.0 parody video is really cute. It creatively applies Web 2.0 terms and concepts to the food shopping experience. The Pandora-style shopping experience mid-way through is especially excellent.

Supermarket 2.0 Video – O’reilly Radar